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What Home Owners Should Know About Hiring A Slate Roofer

As a professional slate roof specialist with many years of experience, I have to say that alot of our work involves the replacing of faulty repairs..  Unfortunately, many contractors who have no experience being on slate or tile roofs manage to convince property owners that they know what they’re doing — when they don’t. Even professional full-time roofing contractors may have little or no experience with slate and tile and simply view such roofs as modified asphalt shingle roofs, which they are not.

To make matters worse, competent slate and tile roofing professionals can be hard to find in some areas.  When looking for a slate roofer here are some tips:

  • Find out how long been repairing slate roofs
  • Make sure member Better Business Bureau
  • Make sure have H.I.C. license and Insurance
  • Get plenty of slate roof references
  • Overall just get a good vibe from them.....
  •  Slate ripper, cutter, hammer, and stake illustrationDiagram of a hook ladder

 (Company should have tools like these.)




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